For over 35 years our highly qualified, compassionate physicians have been successfully treating patients who suffer from painful conditions or restricted mobility due to disease or injury. Dr. James Rae, chairman of the University of Michigan’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department, originally came to Traverse City in the early 1970s. It was Dr. Rae’s desire to expand physical medicine and rehabilitation services to Northern Michigan that allowed Neuromuscular & Rehabilitation Associates to get its start. In 1979, in cooperation with Munson Medical Center, the first inpatient rehabilitation unit in the region was founded with the help of Dr. Rae and eventually Dr. Charles Danek. Both Dr. Rae and Dr. Danek have subsequently retired from our practice, but their early involvement helped shape Neuromuscular & Rehabilitation Associates’ development. Our offices have moved twice over the years and our practice has grown as new staff members have come on board, but we continue to adhere to the philosophy of providing state-of-the-art physical medicine and rehabilitation services to the residents of Northern Michigan.